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Don’t Let Go

Waking up each morning do you have the feeling that you’re just gripping on with your fingernails?  That your life seems to have a life of it’s own and that you’re no longer in the driving seat?  Something or someone else is driving?  Do you ever feel as you lay your head down at night that during the day you had been working your way back into the driving seat only to find that by morning you’re inexplicably back in the passenger seat; this new day just another battle to try and get back behind the wheel?

Maybe it’s just me – but I doubt it.  When I was young it was different.  Life was like a brand new laptop whose memory is uncluttered with tasks and programs that gradually build up over time, competing with each other to use the CPU which gradually gets hotter and slower until it finally gives up the ghost.  The fan of the new laptop purrs quietly, unfussed, the CPU runs cool, focussed and dedicated to the task in hand.

That’s how my life feels nowadays; like an aged and well-worn laptop computer.  So many issues, so many tasks, so many cares and so little time, but like most people going about their lives I am still holding on and determined not to lose my grip – yet.

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